Kids in Harmony

Music Appreciation and Values Education Program for Newborns - 5 Year Olds.

Educating and raising the next generation to be the resilient, kind and connected generation.

Term 4 - Timetable

Harmony Cards for Kids... and the people in their lives.

A Set of Values Cards to foster;
Growth Mindset, Self-esteem and to nurture resilient, kind and connected kids.
For children 3 Years - 12 Years.
Empowering your Home and Learning Environments.

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Resources to empower values, strengths, mindset and mindfulness.

Strengths Profile with Kerry Spina

Get ready to SUPERCHARGE your strengths and empower your mindset to live a life you love, pursue your dreams and feel energised in your purpose.

Harness your Strengths.

You receive your 60 Strengths Profile and a Personalised 1.25 Hour Debrief Coaching Session for $297.00

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