About Kerry

Dedicated, Experienced and Committed Wellbeing Educator and Consultant.

Kerry Spina

Wellbeing Educator and Consultant

Kerry's positive psychology approach, strengths profiling qualifications and background in mindset, values education, and connection-focused practises weave harmoniously in her coaching and consulting wellbeing outcomes to inspire the flourishing of all. 

Her superpower is bringing the art and science of values and connection to you and your world to customise and personalise your needs and the outcomes you want in professional development and training. 

As a consultant Kerry inspires leaders and educators to bring their values, mission and vision into daily life in practical, doable and evidence based ways.

With more than two decades of experience Kerry has had the privileged of supporting over 20 000 families as the founder and facilitator of the Kids in Harmony Early Childhood Wellbeing Program. Her exceptional reputation in professional training, coaching and consultancy for educators and schools has seen her engaged in wellbeing policies and procedures as well as inspiring educators to value the role wellbeing plays in providing the outcome they want for children. 

Kerry's believes if we want to enhance the wellbeing of children we need to support and inspire the people that care for them.

Having worked in adult wellbeing and early childhood since 1998, Kerry’s passion and devotion to bringing out the best in people is evident as soon as you meet her.

Kerry is a Wellbeing Educator - Qualified Professional Coach, Circle of Security Facilitator, Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, Parent Talk System Trainer, Qualified Adult and Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Certificate 3 in Fitness, Certified Remedial Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Fun Friends & Friends for Life Facilitator, 1-2-3 Magic Facilitator as well as a Certified Raw Food Chef.

With over 25 years’ experience in Mindfulness, Aromatherapy and Stress Management Kerry lives what she teachers.

Kerry has authored the bestselling Harmony Cards for Kids - a set of values cards, The Everyday Harmony Values Cards for Adults, I Love My Body Book, and The Little Book of Harmony and was one of the 35 Parent Educators invited to write a chapter in the Parent TV book ONE THING. And in addition, several wellbeing online programs and courses.

With her interest in Integrative health and wellbeing Kerry is currently studying a Diploma of Nutrition. 

Training and Professional Development Menu

with Kerry Spina

  • Harmony in the Learning Environment - Values in Action (Implementing the Harmony Resources).
  • Choice Guidance - Nurturing Growth Mindset. Guiding Behaviour to cultivate cooperation, trust and respect.  
  • Can-Do Growth Mindset in the Learning Environment - Nurturing Self-Esteem and Self-Belief.
  • Social and Emotional Audit - Auditing Professional Practices, Environment and Resources.
  • Flourishing Wellbeing for Educators - Strategies and Tools to future proof your energy.
  • Music & Mindset Time - Training in facilitating the Kids in Harmony Wellbeing Enrichment Program.
  • Mindful Moves & Relaxation Time - Training in facilitating the Kids in Harmony Wellbeing Enrichment Program.
  • Creative Conversations and Circle Time - Training in facilitating the Kids in Harmony Wellbeing Enrichment Program.
  • Customised Kids in Harmony Experience - Bringing Kids in Harmony to your centre through a mentoring experience. 
  • Harmony in Leadership -Taking a Strengths Focused Approach to meet the outcomes of your team and centre.

The Harmony Cards for Kids

The Harmony Cards are a values and mindfulness based resource to help bring out the best in each other. Providing you with a wellbeing resource that offers a creative pathway to bringing values into our daily lives!