Strengths Profile

with Kerry Spina


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Strengths Profile

with Kerry Spina


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Having your unique Strengths Profile is a game changer for optimising your energy, tapping into your potential, and for living your best, inspired, and balanced life.

Get ready to feel energised in all areas of your life!

What will you discover in the Strengths Profile?

Through doing your personalised Strengths Profile Report it reveals your realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses, you will learn more about what you can do, what energises you and as importantly what de-energises you, and what you can do less and more of to do life your way.

You'll have a new way of speaking and writing as you use the strengths-based language to bring out the best in yourself and others.

Get ready to amplify your wellbeing by understanding your boundaries and where your energy is being given and taken. 


Focused on all aspects of your life: Being, relating, communicating, feeling, and thinking well!


Why Strengths?

Because focuses on deficits, your weaknesses and things that are not working can suck the life out of you!

A Strengths Profile won't just benefit you, but all people; family, friends and the teams and organisations you work with.

Strengths Profile is a world-leading strengths tool designed to unlock performance, energy and potential by realising an individual’s strengths. It is built on a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology and has been taken by 70,000+ people around the world. Unique and distinct from traditional one-dimensional strengths tests, Strengths Profile assesses 60 strengths across three dimensions of energy, performance and use.

You will have 180 questions to answer online that are profiled into your unique profile of 60 Strengths and the four quadrants. Then you receive your PDF report. You get to harness your strengths and this is where I come in as your Accredited Strengths Practitioner. I get the pleasure of debriefing you in your Strength Profile to make the absolute most of your report!

Once I receive your report I will contact you within 7-14 days to book in your ONE AND A HALF HOUR debrief session on Zoom. 

Your Personalised Strengths Profile will include;

The Strengths Quadrant comes to life in the debrief, revealing up to:

  • 7 realised and unrealised strengths
  • 4 learned behaviours
  • 3 weaknesses
  • Descriptions and development suggestions for each of the above
  • Your Strengths career guide (optional) 

Your unique profile will all come to life in our 2 Hour one-on-one coaching debrief - Strengths Profile session.


Strengths Profile Expert Report 1.5 Hour Zoom Debrief - $295

"It opened up a whole new awareness of when and how my energy is being drained and the unrealised strengths that I can draw on to stay energised and elevated."

Strengths Profiling is a game changer for energy optimisation and for living your best inspired, calm life. I had just left my full time role in Project Management and was feeling exhausted and unmotivated with a less-than-rosy attitude. 

After doing Strengths Profiling with Kerry, it opened up a whole new understanding and awareness of when and how my energy is being drained and the unrealised strengths that I can draw on to stay energised and elevated, both in my thinking and leadership of others.

Forever grateful.

Kathy Petersen - Project Consultant

"Gave me so much energy to move forward and deal with work from a completely different angle."

I was feeling very flat and de-energised with work due to feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of staff I had to support and still keep smiling and deal with customers.  After completing my strengths profile I could see where my strengths were and while I could lean on them to support me it was my unrealised strengths that I truly developed that reinvigorated me and gave me so much energy to move forward and deal with work from a completely differently angle. 

Understanding the strengths and using these techniques to develop and change the dynamics of meetings and interactions with staff and customers has been so beneficial in bringing everyone along for the journey.

Having Kerry walk me through the profile is so beneficial to the overall understanding of the journey you want to embark on as her approach and interpretation of the process is excellent – if you are leading people, this is a fantastic process to work through and it will definitely reenergise you. So thankful and grateful to be able to work through this with Kerry.

Karen Morris - Manager Corporate Administration