Music and Values Wellbeing Program


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Music and Values Wellbeing Program


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The Kids in Harmony concept is one of a kind wellbeing program!

Throughout a 40-minute class, the facilitator engages the attention and excitement of the children and their caregivers by delivering an innovative program of music for wellbeing and values education. The core structure of music as the pathway for learning, values awareness, mindset and relaxation pave the way for a unique learning experience.
A combination of original Kids in Harmony songs and activities and beautiful traditional songs are used to enhance children’s natural love of music and rhythm. All classes are age-specific and kept to a size that ensures the engagement of group dynamics and personal experience for families.

Our Wellbeing Program nurtures the many inner qualities we want for all children to foster their self-esteem and self-belief.

We empower children and their families to create a culture of care and connection within themselves, others and the planet.

We love our Kids in Harmony Community!

Our Harmony parents, grandparents and carers play a significant and special part in the learning process as they encourage, support and guide their child to grow to potential.

For newborns – 5 years



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Music is the Pathway to Growth.

Music is a powerful way to learn! We use this pathway in all areas of our program.  Music soothes the soul. It allows us to feel emotions and find our inner beat and rhythm. Music to movement can help children to practice; following directions, focus and attention, regulating their emotions, body-brain connections, balance and coordination, build imagination, and instrumental play as they exploring musical instruments from all over the world. 

We believe children learn music through feeling, expressing, exploring and, of course, FUN FUN FUN. Using a range of creative props, storytelling and innovation, Kids in Harmony is inspiring a new generation of children to become kind, and confident little music-makers.

Relaxation Cultivates Calm.

We believe children are capable, given the opportunity and practice. Relaxation time is fun, playful and most importantly a skill that lasts for many years to come. Relaxation is instrumental in living a balanced life, just as learning to listen to our bodies is an important aspect of self-care. 

Calm techniques are experienced through age-appropriate exercises and activities. The children love their mat time. Children are more than capable of learning the skills of relaxation, given the experience and practice to learn and grow.  It would be nice to think that our children have immunity to stress and anxiety. We aim to give doable, practical ways for children to gain self-awareness through relaxation time.

Teaching basic relaxation techniques to your child is one of the most important things you can do.

Mindset Nurtures Confidence

One of the key focuses at Kids in Harmony is to nurture a Growth Mindset! We lay the foundations for children to be inspired by a love of learning and we nurture self-esteem in a connection-focused and caring environment! This philosophy creates a safe space where children are able to make mistakes, learn from them and persist in their efforts. We take a Choice Guidance Approach to bring out the best in ourselves and others.  Mindset and values work hand in hand when providing whole-child education.

The children love our Kids in Harmony Special Messages. Affirmations are a simple but powerful part of the Kids in Harmony experience. We aim to encourage self-awareness by giving examples of how we can bring our character strengths to the many relationships in our lives.

Values Develop Character Strengths.

We want to help you raise the next generation to be the resilient, kind and connected generation. At Kids in Harmony, we are inspired by the many ways to encourage values, virtues, strengths and character building. Universal values are incorporated through our weekly affirmations and the children get to feel, hear and see it in action.

We are highly motivated by the research in Positive Psychology and continue to deliver an innovative program that is underpinned by research in all areas of our program; music, relaxation – mindset and values. Our values are in everything we do. How we view children, how we treat each other and the approach we take towards nurturing the hearts and minds of our Kids in Harmony Families. 

Newborn Babies

The joy and excitement of welcoming your baby into the world can be both exhilarating and exhausting.

The beauty of our babies can be captured through those precious and often most normal moments of every day. Our Wellbeing Program gives parents and carers the opportunity to capture these moments, by interacting with their children in creative, fun and connecting ways.
Harmony babies are loved and nurtured with a beautiful blend of baby massage, creative and musical activities, and the gift of learning to love themselves through special messages (affirmations) parent education, values awareness, relaxation and lots of fun and connecting with our beautiful families and community!  We want to give every child the opportunity to grow and develop to their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional potential. In doing this make learning fun as you both grow alongside each other.

The Babies in Harmony Program offers you an experience that you will cherish for a long time to come.

Intentionally designed to incorporate baby development, musical play, baby massage- the full body massage sequence is taught by qualified Infant Massage Instructors and a meaningful craft activity done within the class. It's precious time out with your baby to learn and grow alongside each other. The babies program is adorable, light-hearted and full of joy, you won't want to miss it! 

Crawling Babies

Get ready to go next level with these little joy makers. They certainly know how to party. Your crawling baby can join us when they are on the move or transitioning to crawling. The babies program is a pure delight you won’t not be able to keep the smile off your face! Full of musical play, connection time and meaningful age appropriate activities, you're going to be singing Kids in Harmony songs around the house before you know it!

It is an experience that you will cherish for a long time to come as you experience musical play alongside your baby. The crawlers program is designed to incorporate baby development, musical play, connection focused activities, an introduction to relaxation and the importance of  postural awareness. This is such a precious time for you and your baby to learn and grow together in a joyous and beautiful way. We offer a supportive environment that creates an optimal nurturing space for you and your baby. We value you as your child’s first and most influential teacher and we offer parent educational handouts to inspire and energise you in your parenting journey.

Harmony Kids Wellbeing Program

(Ages 6-11yrs)

Harmony KIDS is a unique approach to character education. Using self-awareness, virtues and values, relaxation therapy and the arts as a pathway. Reading storytelling, music, values education, creative craft and self-care blend seamlessly with yoga play to educate the ‘whole child’.
Encouraging SELF AWARENESS – thinking skills, growth mindset, words to empower and connect, actions towards ourselves and others, choices, body awareness, healthy habits and emotional development – feelings. 

Children are the ultimate professionals when it comes to having fun. They love the Harmony Kids program because it is not only fun but an opportunity for them to discover an exercise program that can bring so many benefits to their lives and relationships!.
Children’s Yoga is an exercise system that synergises the whole body – emotional, mental and physical. Children feel stronger, more flexible and an overall sense of joy and peace when participating in our classes.

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We would love to welcome you to our beautiful Wellbeing Program and our Kids in Harmony Community!