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I Hear You

Mar 19, 2021

"Never miss a good chance to shut up." ― Will Rogers.⁠

Liberate yourself by saying less and listening to your silence. It's empowering not to have all the answers. Raising and educating children takes a lot of talking time. ⁠

Whole-hearted listening.

It is easy to go into rescue mode when you love your child and students so very much. It's easy to jump in, chime in, interrupt and help them out with what they are trying to share and express to you. Practice silencing yourself and getting curious to hear what's being said first. ⁠

For Parents⁠

Today, give as much listening time as talking time. Listen with your whole heart. Feel the silence within your body when you do. Get curious. Notice how calm you feel and how everyone feels around you. Bend down and let your child do all the talking, allowing them to express their story or feelings fully. If you feel the urge to jump in and talk, you can respond with "tell me more." "I hear you; tell more about that." "Wow, that sounds fascinating; share some more." ⁠

For Educators⁠

Have the children practice a 3-minute silence and reflection time. Set the timer and make it fun. Afterward, journal and engage in rich conversations. How did silence make them feel in their body? What was their mind doing while they were quiet? How did being silent benefit us? Did you notice the energy in the room change? Was it calmer? Was it gentler? Was it challenging? What are some descriptive words to explain what silence gave us?⁠

Kerry Spina
Kids in Harmony
Wellbeing Educator
Behaviour Support Coach

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