Teaching children friendliness


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"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference."
A A Milne – Pooh's Little Instruction Book
Creating harmony every day!⁠
⁠Harmony Card - Friendliness⁠
⁠Yours smile makes me smile⁠.
I show interest in other people⁠.
I help people feel connected and appreciated⁠.
I am kind and fun to be around⁠.
How do you choose Friendliness?⁠
Friendliness is helping everybody feel like they belong.
It's a genuine smile of comfort to a new person you meet. Friendliness helps all people feel welcome in your presence. Friendliness is inclusivity. Friendliness is showing interests in others. Friendliness makes the world feel like a safer place. Friendliness is reaching out to others with care and kindness. Friendship is essential to our souls, it deepens our capacity love and trust. 
For Parents
How do you model Friendliness? I remember once my son and I were walking through the supermarket, and a man had dropped something, and I had bent down to pick it up, and I had a chat with the man. He was super grateful, and when we walked away, my son asked in a confused voice, "Did you know that man, Mumma?" to which I replied. "No, I didn't, but my reflex was to help him and then he was grateful and friendly back, so we had a quick chat, and it felt terrific to do that for him." Modelling friendliness shows what it looks, sounds and feels like in action by your daily choices in treating others.
For Educators
Create a conversation around the difference between friendliness and friendship. What does it mean to be friendly, and what does it mean to have a friendship? Do you need to be friends to be friendly? This will empower the children's self-awareness around inclusivity and ways to help everyone feel welcome.
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