At Kids in Harmony, we believe in whole-child education – through cultivating a growth mindset, developing genuine healthy self-esteem, nurturing confident little music makers, and creating a culture of care and connection our programs, resources and workshops deliver a high-quality educational experience and the ultimate and optimal learning environment!

Our blog provides free inspiration and insights for calm, connected and positive parenting.

We offer both in-person and online coaching, workshops and support services.

At Kids in Harmony, we have a range of original Harmony Resources to inspire and support parents, carers and educators in choosing a values, mindfulness and strengths-based approach!

The Kids in Harmony concept is one of a kind! 

We are a Townsville, North Queensland Music Appreciation and Values Education Program for Newborns – 5 Year Olds. 

Using a combination of music, mindset, relaxation and values education we aim to nurture the whole family.

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I’m privileged to offer parent, teen, and educator coaching and workshops.

My mission is to support you, to bring out the best in each other while nurturing happy, whole-hearted and resilient children.

I take a values, strengths, mindfulness and growth mindset approach to usable, doable and down to earth strategies, which work!

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The Crazy to Calm 3 Part Video Series was inspired by my love and commitment to supporting parents, and seeing firsthand how these strategies work to bring positive transformation and family calm, clarity and connection.

Calm is possible!

In a world that throws out more distractions than ever, we need strategies to combat the effect it can have on our children and our family.


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We have a range of values, strengths and mindfulness based resources that aim to give children and the people in their lives an opportunity to practice mindfulness and align with their values as a way to create positive relationships, develop self-awareness and cultivate a culture of care and connection.

We also provide a large range of parent and educator resources! Harmony Cards for Kids, The Little Book of Harmony, The Little Book of Harmony Colouring Book, Harmony Stickers, Kids in Harmony APP, Harmony Bliss CD, Happy Songs CD, Harmony in the Classroom Educator Toolkit E- Book (Downloadable), The Little Book of Harmony Downloadable.

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One of the highlights of my work, is facilitating workshops for parents, carers and educators.

I draw on a variety of evidence based practices, values alignment, mindfulness techniques and coaching principles to deliver the ultimate and optimal learning experience.

I offer both online and in-person workshops and training.

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