Choice Guidance Approach

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Verbal Skills Training!


A lot of the time we know how we don't want to be when supporting a child in their growth!  We don't want to yell, nag, bribe and threaten. There is no growth in that!


Choice Guidance teaches you a positive way to be less reactive to know what to say and why you are saying it for the long term growth!


Giving you ways to seize Teachable Moments to bring out the best in everyone through putting connection and choices at the forefront of your teaching and parenting.


Evidence based practices with an outcome of building a child's emotional resilience, positive mindset, self-awareness, engagement in their learning, confidence and connection.

Not sure what to say when caught off guard or triggered in the moment?

Wondering how to nurture a child's mindset when they feel defeated when learning?

Wondering how to manage those big emotions to build emotional resilience?

Choice Guidance gives you a way to say what you mean and mean what you say to raise and educate emotionally resilient, mentally strong, kind and connected kids.

An empowering way to eliminate power struggles to bring out the best in each other.


A happier and calmer way to raise and educate children.

A wiser way to build emotional resilience and mental strength.

An effective way to stop reacting.

Eliminate your 5 Biggest threats to Communication and Connection.

Being too reactive and entering power struggles.

Finding the right thing to say under pressure.

Setting boundaries by using consequences appropriately and effectively.

Staying calm to guide the behaviours you want to encourage.

Seizing teachable moments that empowers everyone's mindset.

This revolutionary, science-based guidance approach gives you the go-to tools and strategies you need to;

Coach a child in their emotional resilience and wellbeing

Encourage the understanding of mindful and thoughtful choice-making 

Improve self-awareness 

Teach effective communication skills

Nurturing inner qualities; Strengths, Virtues and Values


It works!

It's not harder to learn Choice Guidance, it makes everyone's life easier!

When you join you will get:

  • Research-based content tutorials.
  • Wellbeing focused.
  • For home and the classroom.
  • Visual printable posters.
  • Bite sized videos. 
  • In your own time, on your own device.
  • Access to the members-only Exclusive Choice Guidance Facebook group

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What others are saying...

I love being able to guide children in a way that feels calm, confident and purposeful. I did not think offering choices would have the positive impact it has had. "

Choice Guidance Behaviour Approach


For Parents, Educators and Therapists

3 Guiding Principles with proven tools and strategies to maintain calm, confidence and connection.

3 Step Method to guide behaviour to empower you to teach and guide children to become emotionally resilient, mentally strong, kind and connected.