At Kids in Harmony, we believe in whole-child education.  Our programs, services and resources pave the way  to fulfill our mission; to nurture happy, whole-hearted and resilient children. Our program delivers a first class music appreciation and values education program through nurturing confident little music makers, cultivating a growth mindset, developing genuine healthy self-esteem, and creating a culture of care and connection.

Our philosophy is that children learn through play. Our multi-sensory classes are carefully and creatively intended to enhance children’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development in a fun, accepting, encouraging supportive and caring environment.

In our ever changing world and with the added pressure of the digital landscape our children have inherited, we believe now more than ever children need to have the opportunity to learn relaxation, self-care and calm techniques.  At Kids in Harmony, we offer a unique approach to teaching young children relaxation and have a powerful motto that Kids are Capable!  With the increasing research on anxiety in young children, teens and adults we believe that teaching children relaxation as young as possible is one of the most valuable and important things you can do for your child’s mental, physical and emotional health.

At Kids in Harmony, we have a range of original Harmony Resources authored by Kerry Spina, the creative program developer and owner of Kids in Harmony. These resources aim to inspire and support parents and educators in choosing values, mindfulness and a strengths-based approach to parenting and educating.

A message from Kerry,

Kerry Spina Research now shows what the heart has always known:  kindness and other acts of love feel good and foster those deep and loving connections we all crave.

Through connection, communication and shared experiences, parents can be a child’s most influential teacher. In a time when overbooked schedules and the digital world threatens our ability to be present and our precious time together, The Kids in Harmony Music and Values Educational Program comes as a beautiful invitation for parents and their children to slow down, and appreciate the love and joy of music, practice relaxation skills, and learn traditional values like kindness, friendliness, confidence, independence, persistence, gratitude, patience and a whole lot more… to bring the best out in each other.

One of my deepest wishes is that the Kids in Harmony programs, services and resources strengthen families and communities.  That it not only builds the foundation for connected parent-child relationships or strong teacher-student relationships but, it supports optimal learning. I have spent the past 14 Years creating an environment where children and their families are valued and seen as capable, confident, strong, loving and lovable and I want all children and the adults in their lives to reach their highest potential to positively transform the world.

Above all, we make Kids in Harmony fun!

Yours in Harmony,